Our Roadmap

This roadmap is updated monthly and may therefore differ from the real current status.

When a ring reaches the 100% mark, it is moved to the next division of the team and starts again at 0%.

We also leave updates that we have recently released on the roadmap for at least 1 month to make sure everyone gets the information.

Concept & Design

Birthday SystemYou can enter your birthday and get a gift every year.

Cosmetics SystemA system with which players can dress up with different types of comsteics.

Mentoring SystemA system where players can apply to be mentors for new players and be rewarded for it

Starter Quests A small quest update for the Mainworld to get a few CP’s and coins.

Dungeon A gigantic update that will bring several new features to the game.

Vote Reminder A reminder that appears above the hotbar to remind you to vote for the server.

Discord Reminder A reminder that appears above the hotbar to remind you to join our Discord.

Settings Update An update that will bring all the player settings to the /settings GUI.

Ice Farming World Update New loot, new structures and new bosses are waiting of you.


Report SystemReport rule breakers with /report [player] and get help from a supporter.

Auctionhouse Update This update will allow you to add a direct buy option to your auctions.

CP Admin Jobs UpdatePlayers will get CP`s when the finish an admin job

CP Admin Shops UpdatePlayers will get CP`s when the deliver items to the admin shops

Bugfixing This element just shows that we also care about all the bugs. This goes on and will never end.

Lobby Recode With this update we will split players with different languages into different lobbies and chats.

Harvest System A gigantic update with new items and tools to grow a bunch of plants and gain coins and CP’s.

Ranks Update Finally purchasable ranks with many new features

Bedrock Edition Our most important update. We try to provide the Ability to join with the Bedrock Edition as soon as possible.

Testing & Bugfixing

The End A new farming world like the normal Minecraft End or maybe different? ;).

Fishing Update With this update it is possible to create more unique loot for fishing.

Jobs Update This updates provides many new jobs for specific levels.

Recently Released

Skillbase A great place to learn new skills depending on your player level, like being less hungry.

Tutorial Rework We will remove the island part and also simplify the auction house tutorial.

Adminshops Update You can sell the same amount of items but now it depends on the ingame days.

Landania 1.19.4 We are already working on updating our server that players with 1.19.3 and 1.19.4 can also join.

Item Sign A system with that you can add a signature with your name to every item.

Spawner Update It will be possible to combine eggs with the same type in the spawners to get a higher amount of mobs.

Last Update: 1 May 2023 18:00 pm CEST