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Furniture Store Opening

Hello everyone!
We are happy to present you with our latest update. The furniture store opens its doors, which offers you thousands of furnishing options for your realm, with these you can decorate your houses completely new and make them comfy.


For most of the furniture you can choose between 6 types of wood and 9 cover colors, so you can furnish everything according to your taste. To give you a first impression of your possibilities, we want to present you with a few examples of furnishings.


Your kitchen, with cabinets, stove, and refrigerator invites you to invite your friends for dinner. The matching seating area with chairs, tables, and decorations must not be missing. If food is left over, you can dispose of it in the trash can.

The bedroom is an essential room in a house and with the choice of beds, nightstands, and wardrobes you can furnish this in your style.



A cozy area for chilling out and relaxing is a must on a Landania Realm.
With an individually designed sofa and armchair, you can relax in front of the TV. A nice selection of plants and decorative elements will complete your living room.

A well-kept green area in your realm is usually the first sign of attraction. With the different beach chairs, benches, deck chairs, umbrellas, and accessories you can turn your garden into a small oasis on Landania, which attracts other players and invites them to stay.


We hope that we could give you a first impression of your possibilities.
But there comes a time in life when even the most beautiful home needs a new coat of paint.
You can take your furniture to the furniture store and go to Fuzzy on the second floor. With him, you can give your furniture a new look without buying new ones.


So nothing stands in the way of redesigning your realm. We hope that we could make you curious about the furniture store and the furniture with its variations.


See you in march for the next blog post! 😉






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