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March Update 2023

Hello everyone!
Welcome to our second monthly update of Landania! As you may know, each month we provide a summary of the major changes made in the previous month. This post covers all the updates that were made in February.



You know it, you die and lose all your stuff and you are annoyed beyond measure.
That has now an end on Landania! Because even the undead no longer has peace before us!
When you die, a tombstone is created that contains your items. To get to him you can bribe the grim reaper with coins!



Furniture Store

Spruce up your Minecraft houses with our new furniture store!
Tired of boring interiors? Our furniture store has everything from modern sofas to cozy bedroom sets, we’ve got it all, so you can finally add some style and flair to your builds!
Everything you need to know about the furniture store you can find here:


Realm division

We have noticed that there is a lack of sense of achievement, especially in the beginning, so we decided to divide the starting area of your realm into four smaller areas that can be unlocked comparatively easily. To give you a better idea, we have prepared a small illustration, before we changed it areas 1 to 4 were one big area.


Mob Spawning / Feedback

Also this month we listened to your calls, it was criticized in particular that the mob farms on the realms no longer work, but new players had problems with the large amounts of mobs.
Therefore, we have decided to turn off the hostile mobs by default on the realms, but anyone can turn them on regardless of level.
In the same breath, we were able to significantly increase the mob spawn rate again!



Our development team has grown, and this is also reflected in the bug fixes. In February we were able to fix a whole of 62 bugs!
You can find a list of all fixed bugs in our Discord server, in the channel #patch-notes.


See you in the next blog post! 😉


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