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February Update 2023

Hello everyone!
Welcome to our first monthly update of Landania! Every month, we’ll provide a comprehensive summary of all the changes that took place during the previous month. This post covers all updates made in January.

In addition to our monthly update, you can keep up with the latest developments by visiting our Discord channel. Every Thursday, we’ll post a weekly patch note that gives you a quick and concise overview of the changes we’ve made throughout the week.

We believe in keeping you informed and up to date. We hope that these monthly updates and weekly patch notes will provide valuable insight into the improvements and enhancements we are making to our server. We look forward to bringing you more exciting updates in the future.



You are not active in the game, but you want to be notified when your name is mentioned in the chat?
This wish is now a reality, with this system you will get a notification as soon as your name is mentioned in the chat.
You can configure when you want to be notified using the /settings command.




We found out that many new players had problems with the mobs or even the dangers in the farm worlds at the beginning. it’s part of the concept that we make resource generation more difficult, but it shouldn’t be frustrating all the time.
With the protection package, this problem is a thing of the past! New players are supported by our system for the first twelve hours of play. For example, you have the Strength 2 effect in the farm world.


Marketplace / New Admin-Stores

The time has come, two more admin stores have moved in with us! We are happy to welcome Fox and Steve!
They each have their booth at the marketplace, Fox the forester buys wood and sells you different saplings. Steve the stonemason, on the other hand, buys stones and sells various types of stones to you!




As in the past few months, we have been paying close attention to your feedback. For example, we noticed that the “Ice Farm World” was not well received by you, as it seemed relatively uninteresting.
So we decided to adjust the ore generation, and you can also find the much sought after “Mending” book more often.
There are many more adjustments, to get all the details you can join our Discord server!



Our development team is incredibly hardworking and dedicated.
In January, we successfully fixed over 30 bugs, which is a clear sign of their hard work and dedication.
We are proud of our developers and grateful for all they do.
You can find a list of all fixed bugs in our Discord server, in the channel #patch-notes.


See you in the next blog post! March at the latest! 😉

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