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Open Beta Announcement


Hello everyone!
Today is a big day for Landania: We are finally opening our doors for all players after more than 1.5 years of development. We have been working extremely hard for the last few months to create a perfect server which allows all players from all over the world to enjoy Minecraft – no matter young or old.





How can you play on Landania?
Every player can join from October 1, 2022, with the Minecraft Java version 1.19.2 over our IP No mods or similar things are necessary to join our server.


What is the Open BETA?
The Open BETA is the second stage of our development, where we open our doors to all players. In the Open BETA there is also more content than in the previous Alpha phase, but still far from all the things that are planned until the full release.
There may be critical bugs during the Open BETA, which we will take care of as quickly and professionally as possible, but every player should be aware that this is just an early version of our server.






What about the Pocket/Bedrock Edition?
Currently we do not offer support for playing with the Pocket/Bedrock Edition on Landania. This means that joining is only possible for players with an official Minecraft Java Edition. Support for Pocket/Bedrock players is planned for the future, but we are not working on it yet and therefore it will not be possible in the near future.



What happens if I find any bugs?
The probability that you will come across one or another bug as an Open BETA player is very high. In this case, we ask for your help so that we can fix the bugs as soon as possible. You can easily report your found bugs ingame using the command /bug. Just type /bug in the chat and afterwards write an explanation of the bug and send the message. Any other relevant information will be automatically saved by our bug report system.






Our Wiki:
Since our server has plenty of features and interesting systems, you as a player will have some questions, especially in the first phase of collecting experience. We tried to find a solution from the beginning. So we came up with the great idea to provide an official wiki about Landania. You can access this wiki via and get all the important information. This wiki will be added step by step. In the future there will be the possibility for you as a player to contribute to the wiki as well.




Thanks to all the players who have been patient for such a long time and have supported us from the beginning. We are extremely excited about the upcoming months and the features they will bring. Last but not least, I recommend all of you to join our Discord server to stay up to date and to connect with other players.

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