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September Update 2022

Dear reader,
you have been waiting for it for a long time – now we can finally announce that after more than a year of development our game mode will soon be available for you!
The open beta will be released on 10/01/2022. You can register here.
To give you a first glance at Landania and to arouse anticipation in you, you’ll now get some exclusive first insights into a few systems we’re especially proud of:



Trading without scamming
Who hasn’t been scammed in the past because they trusted the wrong players? – This will be a thing of the past! We provide safe trading via a /trade command and that without the need of going to another player who may kill you in addition.
Just put up to 9 items in the menu, your trading partner will enter other items or coins as well. Once the trade has to be confirmed by both sides, items and money are exchanged between the players. This way nobody gets scammed and you can trade with other players quickly and safely from your island.




Own map system
When you create a map, you’ll get an original map.










Only the original card can be copied with a blank map in our cartography table. You keep the original map and additionally get a copy of the map which cannot be copied further.



By using a paper instead of the blank map, you can scale your map by one step and thus capture a larger area than before.



With this system you can easily transfer maps in your inventory or enderchest to all sub servers such as other realms, farm worlds or the main world.



This system allows you to view the inventory, armor, and item in the secondary hand of any player, even if they are on a different server than you. The inventory updates live while you are looking into it.




We hope you like the features this update brings.
By the way, signing up for the beta is not mandatory, you can join from 10/01/2022 using the name of the server. However, if we decide to release the mode a bit earlier for some players, you can participate by signing up for the open beta.


Stay tuned for new updates!

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